Jan 24, 2024, 10:00 am11:00 am



Event Description

"Mechanisms and principles of metabolite regulation of protein function"

The coordination of cell biology requires regulation at several levels, and much attention has focused on RNA and protein expression. Emergent technologies have shown that metabolites arising from common metabolic pathways also play crucial roles in regulating biological processes. This mode of signaling is rooted in the principle that metabolites are suited to regulate protein function to license adaptation in line with the bioenergetic state of the cell. Yet metabolite signaling remains poorly understood at the biochemical level. For most metabolic intermediates that regulate cellular function, we lack a comprehensive view of direct mechanistic targets that explain their activities.

Chouchani will discuss their efforts to address these questions through our development of mass spectrometry platforms to define mechanisms of metabolite regulation over protein function, proteome-wide. He will also outline how we have used these technologies to  propose molecular principles of regulation by redox-active and central carbon metabolites, and to leverage these discoveries for therapeutic benefit.